Building Stakeholder Confidence

Building Stakeholder Confidence

Confidence in:

  • Production is always up
  • Features will be built correctly

Exercises to Build Confidence

  • Build team-wide, deep understanding of each feature’s requirements and characteristics before coding starts
  • Expect collaborative, comprehensive grooming of features that include team and stakeholders
  • Ruthless slicing of features to smallest valuable increments
  • Write comprehensive automated unit tests in front-end and back-end layers
  • Shoot for high coverage from automated back-end integration tests
  • Shoot for high feature critical-path coverage from end-to-end UI tests
  • Include automated smoke tests that can be run on production-candidates
  • Ensure all post-commit tasks and hand-offs must be automated in CI/CD
  • Strive for quick, reliable rollback if smoke tests fail

UUID storage in MySQL


You can store a UUID safely as a “Binary 16”, instead of a “Varchar 36”.

If you still require a human-readable column, its possible to use a “generated” column (from MySQL 5.7 and up):


additional info for MySQL 8.0 –

Retrieve the DNS TTL values

$ dig +nocmd +noall +answer 7139 IN A

Note: If your default DNS server is not the authoritative server for the zone you are digging dig will show the time remaining (until the next refresh) instead of the raw TTL value in this position.

You can work around this by directing dig to specifically use one of the domain’s servers, for example I know that is authoritative for this domain:

$ dig +nocmd +noall +answer 86400 IN A

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