Architecture decisions

How to quickly setup Architecture decisions for your project (directory)?

First, read about following decisions without records (or documentation).

Then install the adr-tools (docs here):

Usage (readme):

adr help
cd ~/project-root

adr init docs/adr
adr new Implement as Unix shell scripts
adr new -s 9 Use Rust for performance-critical functionality

Building Stakeholder Confidence

Building Stakeholder Confidence

Confidence in:

  • Production is always up
  • Features will be built correctly

Exercises to Build Confidence

  • Build team-wide, deep understanding of each feature’s requirements and characteristics before coding starts
  • Expect collaborative, comprehensive grooming of features that include team and stakeholders
  • Ruthless slicing of features to smallest valuable increments
  • Write comprehensive automated unit tests in front-end and back-end layers
  • Shoot for high coverage from automated back-end integration tests
  • Shoot for high feature critical-path coverage from end-to-end UI tests
  • Include automated smoke tests that can be run on production-candidates
  • Ensure all post-commit tasks and hand-offs must be automated in CI/CD
  • Strive for quick, reliable rollback if smoke tests fail
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