Still one of my favorite insights on serverless

Sharing one of my favorite insights on “serverless”, posted in 2016 but still relevant IMO.

If you are into building application or companies, it is imperative that you read it. (here is a small teaser):

But serverless will fundamentally change how we build business around technology and how you code. Your future looks more like this.

Why the fuss about serverless?

Google Authenticator: move all accounts to a new phone

Steps to move all “google authenticator” accounts to new phone.

  1. Open Google Authenticator on your old phone.
  2. Tap on the three dots on the top right of the screen and select “Transfer accounts”.
  3. Select “Export accounts.” You may be asked to verify your identity.
  4. Select the accounts you want to export, default all accounts are checked. Click “Next.”
  5. You’ll be shown a QR code.
  6. Open Google Authenticator on your new phone.
  7. Tap on the three dots on the top right of the screen and select “Transfer accounts”.
  8. Select “Impoprt accounts.” and “Scan QR code”.
  9. Scan the code on your old phone with your new phone.
  10. When there are are 2 QR codes, click “Next.” on your old phone and scan the 2nd QR code also with your new phone.


Building Stakeholder Confidence

Building Stakeholder Confidence

Confidence in:

  • Production is always up
  • Features will be built correctly

Exercises to Build Confidence

  • Build team-wide, deep understanding of each feature’s requirements and characteristics before coding starts
  • Expect collaborative, comprehensive grooming of features that include team and stakeholders
  • Ruthless slicing of features to smallest valuable increments
  • Write comprehensive automated unit tests in front-end and back-end layers
  • Shoot for high coverage from automated back-end integration tests
  • Shoot for high feature critical-path coverage from end-to-end UI tests
  • Include automated smoke tests that can be run on production-candidates
  • Ensure all post-commit tasks and hand-offs must be automated in CI/CD
  • Strive for quick, reliable rollback if smoke tests fail
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