Grub error: symbol “grub_calloc” not found. Entering rescue mode… grub rescue.

Since this morning, when i start my laptop, i only see the text:

Grub error: symbol "grub_calloc" not found.
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>

I recently updated the packages on my Ubuntu laptop.
I’m guessing it has something to do with the updates for the vulnerability “boothole” in Grub2.

I found this additional information:

working on this now….

because my laptop is not by default suited for Ubuntu <= 18.04 (did not test on >= 20.04) (because of a video card driver issue).
i could not use the default boot / install USB approach. (installed Ubuntu originally by use of the CLI).

the solution i used for most physical systems is: Boot-repair and running the “recommended repair”.

ECMAScript in browsers

  • ES3 / ECMAScript 3 is fully supported in all browsers.
  • ES5 / ECMAScript 5 is fully supported in all modern browsers.*
  • ES6 / ECMAScript 6 (ES2015) is partially supported in all modern browsers.
  • ES7 / ECMAScript 7 is poorly supported in all browsers.

* = “modern browser” (IMO) refers to webkit-based browsers (Chrome and Safari) and newer versions of IE and Firefox.

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